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The bedroom is such an important room in terms of relaxation and sleep, yet sorting it our is often at the bottom of the to do list. We get by, climbing over the piles of clothes we keep meaning to put away, and those bits in the corner which seem to accumulate over time and we’re never quite sure what’s at the bottom!

New Year is the perfect time for taking a fresh look at the space we live in. If you dream of having a calm and uncluttered oasis to relax in and sleep peacefully, read on for some tips on how to organise your space and improve your storage.


Always a great way to fully utilise all the available space and work around awkward corners. Take time to consider the internal wardrobe configuration and make sure it’s designed around your needs to provide storage that really works for you and the way you like your clothes laid out. Double hanging may be efficient, but it’s not for everyone.


The inside of your wardrobe doors is great space for all sorts of things. Screw on tie rails are great for ties, but work just as well for ladies scarves. Add hooks to hang your belts, or use pull out systems. If you have a lot of necklaces consider jewellery boards.


If you have bedside tables, choosing wider ones or even a low chest of drawers means they can be used for clothes storage. If you don’t have space for tables at the sides, consider instead a deep headboard which provides a shelf at the top and then cubby holes in the sides. Under the bed is also great space for things like shoes or spare bedding. Select a bed with built in storage, have some pull out drawers made, or use off the shelf ones to make sure you use all available space.


If space is tight in your bedroom, think about moving some of your clothes and shoes out to another room. There is nothing quite like your own bespoke closet and it doesn’t need to be big to be effective. Maybe you have a space which could be converted? Shoes don’t all need to be upstairs and perhaps a slim shoe cupboard could be built in at the end of a corridor or in an alcove.


Effective bedroom storage should consider how you function, especially first thing in the morning! If you can never find your watch or glasses make sure they have a proper home, if you like to have a seat when getting dressed maybe low drawers under a window could double as a seat and if you always do your make up standing up go for a tall boy not a dressing table.


A mirror on the inside door is an obvious space saver, or maybe long mirrored wardrobe doors are an option? If you worry about safely storing your jewellery, consider lockable drawers in your wardrobes, and if you can never find your charger for your phone, there are some very neat solutions on the market now!


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