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John Ruskin stated, “Quality is never an accident; It is always the result of intelligent effort.” Our established clients are sensitive to the implications of price versus value; they are discerning people who invest for the long term and who care for the health of the planet. This is a principal that ultimately produces far higher return at lower cost for generations to come.

At West Bridgford Joinery we invest a significant proportion of our customers outlay in, design, a thoughtful use of materials and manufacturing, producing every piece of furniture to order here in Nottingham.

Our dedicated team of highly skilled workers are committed to providing a high level of quality. The craftsmanship and consideration implemented in our honest work, ensures it will function for many decades to come. We design furniture around the lives of our customers so that their needs are perfectly met without compromise. This is complemented by timeless aesthetic qualities, so that our clients don’t regrettably discard their furniture as it has lost its allure, undoubtedly contributing to environmental damage. Instead our customers will cherish the outstanding items for a lifetime.

This success is evident with our client’s returning, not for replacements, but to expand an alliance of valued items.

Paying a little more to own a piece of quality furniture designed with timeless relevance, will guarantee that you need only make one purchase; you will take pride in your choice and will derive great pleasure for many years.

“Quality is pride of Craftsmanship.” W. Edwards Deming.


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