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The future of the world’s forests is of vital importance to the survival of our planet. Without sustainably managed forests, human, plant and animal life as we know it would eventually come to an abrupt halt.

At West Bridgford Joinery, this is a big concern. Our work naturally means that we use large quantities of many different types of timber, sourced from all over the world. We’re acutely aware of our environmental impact and want to do more to reduce it.

When we source timber, we work with suppliers who are complying with strict environmental, social and economic standards at every stage of the supply chain. This goes much further than simply planting trees! There are many other considerations, from protecting the habitats of endangered species, to making sure workers have safe working conditions and are properly paid, to respecting indigenous communities.

A wider approach to sustainability

If you’re familiar with our ethical philosophy, you’ll know that West Bridgford Joinery believe in ‘furniture for life’. As noted in our ‘Taking Care Of The Future’ article, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of furniture ends up in UK landfill sites every year. And it’s not just the items themselves that are being discarded. The originally sourced materials, and the energy used in production and transportation are also being wasted.

Cheap, mass-market furniture simply isn’t built to last. It’s causing the the planet to be be damaged and families to miss out on precious heirlooms that could be used and enjoyed for decades.

We believe in creating high quality furniture to classic, timeless designs that don’t date and can be proudly handed down from generation to generation. Our approach has always been to design and build unique pieces of furniture that are personalised to meet our customers’ current and future needs.

This ethos means the sustainability loop goes full circle at West Bridgford Joinery, from the moment a tree is felled to the time we deliver a finished piece of furniture to a customer.

Going another extra mile

We’re constantly looking for more ways to make our business environmentally-friendly. Another recent initiative has been to review our use of single-use plastics. Where possible, we now avoid these and use cardboard packaging where we can. This has meant sourcing new suppliers and we firmly believe the effort and investment are worthwhile.

Like to know more?

For more information about any aspect of our sustainability activities, please contact us and we’ll be pleased to answer your questions.


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